In making the reservation to participate in the Surfing Lesson, Surfing Tour, or Bali Tour program (“Program”) offered by Bali Style Surf Lesson (“Company”) student(s) or the customer(s) (“Customer”) hereby agrees with the following terms and Conditions (“Terms & Conditions”)




The fees which are paid to participate in the Program (“Fee”) include the fees for lesson and transportation.

The Fee mentioned above is exclusive of any other expenses and cost outside the matters set out above and must be fully borne by the Customer.

A deposit in the amount of 50% of the Fee will be charged to the Customer (“Deposit”). The Deposit must be paid by the Customer and must be received by the Company 24 hours before the Program start. The rest of the Fee, must be paid after the Program complit.

If the Customer cancels his/her participation in the Program after the payment of the Deposit, the Company will not refund such Deposit Fee to the Customer.

If the Company cancels the Program after the Customer pays the Deposit Fee, then the Company will refund the Fee and Deposit to the Customer.


The Customer hereby acknowledges that the activities in the Program involves risk, are dangerous and may cause injury. The Customer agrees to bear all the risks arising from the participation with the Program.

The Company is not responsible for any injury or accident which may occur in the implementation of the Program.

The Customer is advised to obtain an insurance to cover the risks mentioned above. The Company will not provide any insurance for the Customer.

The Fee paid by the Customer to participate in the Program does not cover medical cost in the occurrence of any injury or accident, such cost must be fully borne by the Customer.


In order to participate in the Program, the Customer must be in good state of mind and good health.

The Company will not accept the Customer who has an illness or a condition that may prevent the Customer to participate in the Program, including but not limited to asthma, epilepsy, heart disease, visual impairment and limb and back injury. By making the Program reservation, the Customer represents that he/she does not have any illness or condition as mentioned above.


If the Customer violates any provision of these Terms & Conditions, the Company is entitled to terminate the participation of the Customer in the Program and is entitled not to refund the Deposit Fee which have been paid.